rGenetic is a genetic algorithm package for Ruby. The idea is to develop a package which is easily customizable, allowing simple integration into a problem require genetic algorithms or evolutionary programming. The suite will be developed and tested against traditional GA problems as a proof of concept. I am aware of Ruby/GA in SourceForge, which, from my understanding has similar goals. However, last I checked, it's documentation and support are in japanese. Beyond that, I feel that having more than one package with similar goals only strengthens the library support for Ruby. I will specifically develop rGenetic without examination of Ruby/GA, in order to develop a unique solution which will hopefully compliment the Ruby/GA project.

  • Documenation
    - Proposal (MS Word)
    - Informal framework description (txt)
    - Formal framework description (txt)
    - In-Code documenation standards (txt)

  • Genetic Algorithm definition in Wikipedia
  • A Genetic Algorithm Tutorial by Dr. Darrell Whitley

  • Contributors

  • Matthew Linnell
  • - Founder, development, documentation (matt at rubyforge.org)
  • Armin Roehrl
  • - Development, testing( m94asr at rubyforge.org)

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